(Kari) Hanayome no Yangotonaki Jijou / (Temp) Bride's Noble Circumstances (JNC Heart)

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    Name: (Temp) Bride's Noble Circumstances /(仮)花嫁のやんごとなき事情
    Author: Yusagi Kanou
    Artist: Yamashita Nanao
    Publisher: Kadokawa (B's-Log Bunko)
    Volumes: 13 (Complete)
    Genre: Shoujo, Romcom, Fantasy

    Ferdia is a workaholic orphan living in a church orphanage, helping take care of the younger children. One day, the King asks her to take a job substituting for his sickly younger sister. No problem—it’s not her first time doing it, and the pay's gonna be great. But THIS time, her job is to wed a prince from an enemy country… And make him divorce her ASAP!

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    This sounds pretty cool. Count me in.