1/2 Undead

  • Title: Half Undead
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    Publisher: Enterbrain (Kadokawa)
    Label: Famitsu Bunko
    Author: Shio Sasahara
    Illustrator: kyo
    Book count: 3 volumes (complete)

    High school student Toya Jinnai meets an untimely end after falling from the top of a lighthouse.
    In the world beyond he finds a peculiar mirror. When he does, a Taoist-looking girl wielding a large scythe comes after him. Before he can wrap his head around the whole situation, Toya, by some miracle, finds himself back in the land of the living. The whole ordeal now seems nothing more than a terrible dream.

    He had returned to his daily life. Except now… he has no heartbeat, no reflection, and sees ghosts on every street corner. And, to top it all off, he can’t even remember what caused him to fall to his death.

    It’s not long until his musings are replaced with terror though. The scythe girl from his “dream” appears before him once again, now wearing a school uniform, and demands he return the mirror he picked up. The girl, Nayuko, is actually a guardian of the afterlife whose job is to ferry the souls of the dead to their final resting place.

    So begins the peculiar relationship between Nayuko, a Reaper Girl, and Toya, a Half Undead.

    It's only three volumes long and seemed interesting enough.
    Not that I think it'll ever be picked up for an official release. Just wanted to spread some awareness that this exists.

    I mean, really. Urban fantasy, mystery, published nearly a decade ago... I may as well be playing Poor Seller Bingo here.