Matsurika Kanriden (The Legend of Bureaucrat Matsurika)

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    Matsurika vol 3 cover

    Title: Matsurika Kanriden (茉莉花官吏伝) / The Legend of Bureaucrat Matsurika
    Author: Ishida Rinne (石田リンネ)
    Illustrator: Izumi
    Publisher: Kadokawa B's Log Bunko (series page)
    Latest volume: 8

    My synopsis:
    Kou Matsurika had been promoted from inner palace maid to female official due to her photographic memory. Yet, she didn't dare dream to be anything more than a "side character", because memory alone isn't enough to make her good at doing the work. One day, she was sent as a substitute in a marriage interview practice, but the counterpart is the emperor in disguise! When an incident opened the young emperor's eyes to her rare talent, he wanted to help the little jasmine flower (matsurika) bloom into her full potentials. Can a woman succeed in the male-dominated Imperial Academy and pass the civil official exams? And is the flower of love blooming for Matsurika as well?

    Why this?
    Gorgeous illustration! Chinese court drama! Handsome, supportive emperor! A brilliant girl giving her best to succeed in a public administration office, when she didn't believe she ever could! Also, someone can shape shift into a big fluffy tiger.

  • I read a bit of the scanlated manga a couple of months back and it looked interesting so far. It's got my vote!

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    I have read the scanlated manga though I love the drawing of Matsurika and all her clothes than the story itself.
    still the story is good and interesting. so here my vote.

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    Sounds quite interesting. I would like to read it.

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