Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan/The Days After the Hero's Return

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    Other title : 帰還した勇者の後日譚
    Author : Tsukiyono Furudanuki
    Artist : Yoshizawa Megane
    WN link :
    WN Status : Completed (as of May 2020)
    Genre : Reverse Isekai, True Harem, Comedy, Action, University Slice of life
    Publisher : Futabasha
    Manga adaptation : Yes
    Volumes : 3 (latest release Oct 2018, no new releases since)

    Synopsis : University student and motorbike enthusiast Kashiwagi Yuuya is returned to Japan after successfully completing his mission as the fantasy world's saviour-hero; even the goddess was kind enough to bring him back to the exact point in time he was 1st summoned. However one catch has arisen - somehow he's also been able to keep all his power and abilities too! How will he be able to juggle having hero powers together with resuming his daily university life and love of motorbikes to boot?

    Description : I believe this series would be a nice addition/compliment to J Novels' roster of reverse-isekai works like Welcome to Japan Ms Elf (even moreso this one, since a lot of the story takes place in modern Japan.) We get a lot of isekai stories, but not much in terms of reverse-isekai where one returns to resume a peaceful life on a normal Earth (some tend to use gimmicks like Earth in chaos, other isekai returnees causing trouble, Earth has magic too, etc.) The author reacted to this by writing their 1st ever own lighthearted-comedic slice of life reverse-isekai webnovel featuring a cool university student as its lead (and lots of motorcycle references; author's an avid biker.)

    It's believed the publisher is trying to get an official licence for the LNs; a fantranslator who was denied permission to fantranslate the WN back in 2019 suspects this is why they got denied.

    Square Enix has started publishing a manga version of Kikanshita Yuusha since December 2019, serialised in GFantasy magazine (home to works like Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun). Attached is its 1st online chapter.

    The 1st manga tankoubon releases in Japan this June 27th.帰還した勇者の後日譚-1-Gファンタジー-コミックス-月夜乃古狸/dp/4757567227

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    I'll throw this a vote. I'll admit I'm an unrepentant harem fan, so the "true harem" tag piques my interest, as well as the story itself, seems to have good potential to be interesting and funny. The only concern I have is if it's dead in the water after only three volumes and 2 ½ years of no updates. I wouldn't want to see another unfinished series get licensed with no hope of getting a satisfactory ending. In that case, it might be better to license the manga since it is currently publishing.

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    @anonymous6152 On the plus side, the webnovel did end recently.

    In terms of dead in the water, the same could also be said of the Deathbound Duke's Daughter LN series (although there's hopes from fans the J Novel Club licence can revive it).

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    so 3 volumes with no "ending"? not a complete arc? or just author prefers the continuation in Manga vs LN? I like the premise and checks a bunch of boxes of what I'd like to read (that we don't have enough of)

    I've opined about abandoned/orphaned series in other threads...if we knew that there would someday likely be a volume 4 or the to be continued resumes in the manga (which we can also license) I say go for it

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    I'm interested but the lack of it being ongoing or completed at more than 4 volumes doesn't really give me the desire to buy it. JNC has enough stalled/dead series as is.