I will Live Freely in Another World with Equipment Manufacturing Cheat

  • English: I will Live Freely in Another World with Equipment Manufacturing Cheat
    Japanese: 装備製作系チートで異世界を自由に生きていきます


    Toji, a 29-year-old part-time worker who has been involved in the summoning ceremony of others has come to a different world. When he was driven out of the castle as a nuisance and gave up on everything, he saw the same status screen as an Online Game, what he used to play. What a convenient game system was available only for Toji in this world! Strengthen your weapons, summon cute monsters, etc... A free adventure of Touji begins here, focusing on wisdom and living in a different world!

    The amazingly popular fantasy of Alphapolis Web ranking 1st place, long-awaited comicalization!
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    I personally like creation oriented main characters who use their abilities to make powerful equipment. Protagonist of this story, happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and gets dragged into hero summoning. The four high school students all got amazing stats and skills, while he was just an ordinary guy. Naturally, he get promptly booted out of the castle and left to his own devices. At this point protagonist discovers he has appraisal and a lot of other abilities from his favourite online game. His biggest advantage is that only he can see game like drops from the slain monsters. In addition to the normal monster carcass after it was killed, he gets drop items, even if it was killed by somebody else.
    Protagonist sets out to live on his own, using his game like abilities.

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    I’ve got the manga, but not the LN since, while there are a lot of promising sounding Alphapolis novels they are both expensive and lacking in illustrations (and this one has no translation to follow along with).

  • I hope I Will Live Freely in Another World with Equipment Manufacturing Cheat will get licensed because I read the manga and I find it really fun to read. And I really want to read the novel version of the manga.

  • I think this novel should be made into an anime series.

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    Mm, while I think this one could be interesting based on what I've seen on the manga, the fact that it's through Alphapolis is basically a death sentence on the licensing front unless anything's changed in the last few years.

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    Looks interesting!