[Manga] Tori no Isoji-san (とりの、いそじさん。)

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    Volume 1 cover

    Name: Tori no Isoji-san (とりの、いそじさん。)
    Mangaka: Mie Washio
    Volumes: 4 (I think it’s ongoing)
    Publisher: Flex Comix, Holp Shuppan (Serialised in Comic Polaris)
    Anime: No

    Description from MangaUpdates:
    My name is "Isoji."

    The cockatiel "Isoji"-san is with her master Yae-san again today. With red cheeks, and plumes standing tall on her head, she's a little buddy riding on her master's shoulder. A fluffy-crested, happy life with a little bird. ♪

    [Translated from the back cover of volume one.]


    I disscovered this manga while trying to find out more info on the manga for My Roomate is a Cat (which I’m also planning to suggest), as it’s in the same online magazine as that manga. It’s a slice of life about a woman and her pet cockatiel. I looked at the preview and I think she’s a manga artist.

    The art just looks really cute and we don’t have enough cute pet manga translated in English, especially not any about birds. As I have a pet cockatiel, I’d love to read this. The preview looked like it was true to life of what it’s like to live with a cockatiel just with some comic exaggeration, so it would appeal to anyone who likes cute animals.

  • YES!
    I made this account just to respond!
    I want to read it so badly, I'm such a birb person!
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
    I have 2 cockatiels and a quail, I need this manga!

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