Tearmoon Empire Manga

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    Well, Tearmoon Empire is one of my favorite LNs on J-novel, so I really, really, really love if we could get an official translation of the manga here too. There is a kind of president for J-heart titles, with both Bibliophile Princesss and Tales of Marielle Clarac having both the LN and manga versions translated here. My cursory search of amazon.jp reveal that there are two volumes of manga out.
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    here is the info I've pulled from Baka-updates manga:

    MORINO Mizu


    Original Publisher
    To Books

    Serialized In (magazine):
    Comic Corona (To Books)
    Niconico Seiga (Niwango)

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    Just seeing the covers is getting me mondo excited — almost as excited as Mia gets when she sees a tray of new and unusual sweets in front of her. If JNC can grab the rights to translate this, they definitely should!

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    Oh there hasn’t been a suggestion page yet? I’ve seen some of the art (I try not to read scanlations but I did check out a chapter or two) and it looks really faithful and the artstyle is really cute. The scanlations are very popular online so it would be nice to convert some people to legal reading.

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    Yeah would be really nice to read this. Just found out recently that there is a manga (was mentioned in the Tearmoon volume 3 thread). So it would be really nice to read it.