Loner or Outcast MCS

  • My HighSchool Life is Phisically Isolated(Butsuri-teki ni Koritsu Shiteiru Ore no Koukou Seikatsu, 物理的に孤立している俺の高校生活) Light Novel

    Synopsis: Hagure Narihira is a your average hopeless romantic sophomore in a magical high school for power users. He has no friends and has a crappy ability called the "drain" that absorbs human energy within a radius of 1 meter, unconsciously with his ability.

    Because of this "special ability", no one wanted to be his friend much less his girlfriend.

    Why Is the Prettiest Girl in School Trying to Talk to a Loner like Me During Lunch Break?(Loner and Juliet, Naze ka gakkou ichi no bishoujo ga yasumi jikan no tabi ni, bocchi no ore ni hanashikaketekurunda ga?, 何故か学校一の美少女が休み時間の度に、ぼっちの俺に話しかけてくるんだが?) Light Novel

    Synopsis: “Andou-kun, good morning ♪”

    “Asakura-san, mornin’…”

    (I got the seat next to the most beautiful girl in the school. A person who is willing to greet a loner like me, what a kind person she is. But in any case it’s just lip service, she’ll probably find me a bother if I start talking to her )



    (Even though I tried to greet him, why won’t he talk to meeee!! I can’t talk about light novels to anyone besides Andou-kun, so please talk to meeee!!)

    This is that sort of school rom-com.

    Since each chapter can be read in about one minute, how about using it to take a breather from “other world things”?