Record of Wortenia War Volume 05 issue please help

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    I purchased all 9 volumes of Record of Wortenia War and am currently on Volume 5, after reading a bit and getting to Chapter 2 "Heading North" I started reading and it was only 13 pages long, then went to Chapter 3 "Leader of the North" and then Chapter 2 began again... can you please look into this?

    And after going through it, chapter 3 seems to be missing in its entirety because if I skip to chapter 4 it is chapter 4, and I cannot see chapter 3 anywhere, while chapter 2 is only the first 13 pages, and chapter 3 seems to be all 82 pages of chapter 2.

    EDIT: After going through chapter 3 that has chapter 2 in front, I found the start of chapter 3 on page 50 of 82... Now my question is, is Ch. 3 only supposed to be 32 pages? If so thats good, but can it be fixed so all 50 pages of chapter 2 are on chapter 2 and chapter 3 is on chapter 3...

    P.S. I use Moon+ Reader Pro to read my epubs and they have a tab section that let's you choose a point in the book, like prologue, ch1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Epilougue, Credits, etc.

  • That sounds like the epub has an error in the .ncx file, and that's because Moon+ uses that exact file to organize the chapters in the reader.
    You should check the .ncx in your .epub (you can do that with any text editor app like notepad++ or your windows Notepad, or use Calibre).
    Check that Chapter 2 leads to chapter2.xhtml and chapter 3 leads to chapter3.xhtml.
    The problem should be chapter 3 from what I read from your post, it may be leading to chapter2.xhtml in your .epub

    Edit: Also check toc.xhtml the same way, just in case.

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