Seitokai Tantei Kirika

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    Publisher: Kodansha LIGHTNOVEL

    Kirika Hijiribashi is the Executive Committee Treasurer managing a high school's student council budget of 800 million yen. She is also the only committee member with an additional title: Student Council Detective. As shy as she normally is, she is able to sniff out amazing solutions to bizarre cases.

    Hikage Makimura transferred into the same high school to escape living in the shadow of his brilliant older sister. Suddenly, he finds himself tricked by the mentally and physically strong female President into not only joining the Student Council, but also becoming Kirika's assistant, to the dismay of them both.

    Can he create happiness for himself, much less others, in the midst of money-motivated intrigues? Can he make a name for himself when his own name is given to the the lop-eared bunny somehow filling the PR position, a rank higher than his own? And when will people stop asking him to betray a position he never wanted in the first place!?

    Kinda similar to Hyouka, solving small-scale mystery cases with some drama here and there.
    Inferiority complex is one of the biggest theme


    It has manga adaptation for people who wanna see what the story is about

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    Oh I know about this. I took notice of this series due to how similar the art looked to the of Oregairu's which is nothing surprising considering Ponkan worked on both.

    Also I see you are requesting every mystery novel lol.

  • I started reading this series because Ponkan8 was doing the artwork but BOY this series took me by surprise soo you got my vote

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    Voted, this novel is one of the things JNC clearly misses.

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    Hyouka-style mystery with good character drama is my favorite kind of mystery, so I'll upvote this.

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    Spotlight time! A friendly bump to an older post that hasn't had any recent conversation in order to draw attention to it.

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    Is the series completed, I'm not seeing anything past volume 6.

  • @aruseus493
    I believe so, since the author is pretty active.

    Which is something I totally forgot to mention, he's also the author of:
    Kami-sama no Memochou
    Sayonara Piano Sonata
    And I would like to see Vertical getting "蓮見律子の推理交響楽 比翼のバルカローレ" as well.

    I think his latest work is "恋してるひまがあるならガチャ回せ!2" published last summer.