Chronicle Legion

  • Author: Takedzuki Jou (Campione, Meiyaku no Leviathan)
    Illustrator: BUNBUN (Sword Art Online, Fire Girl, Yuusha de Aru series)
    Publisher: DASHxBUNKO (Shueisha)

    Volume 1 Cover

    Synopsis: (Taken from Baka-Tsuki)

    An encounter between a princess and a young man, resolved to defy destiny...!!

    In the late 20th century, due to the invasion led by Caesar the resurrected ancient Roman hero, Imperial Japan has fallen under the neighboring Eastern Roman Empire's rule in all but name only!

    What enabled Caesar to become the ultimate conqueror was the power known as the "Legion."

    These mysterious corps have taken over as the main weapon in the military forces of major world powers—Armies of winged giant soldiers.

    Harboring ambitions to become the sovereign of Japan, Princess Fujinomiya Shiori of Imperial Japan finally takes action.

    The princess chooses Tachibana Masatsugu as her trusted general, an ordinary high school student by all accounts.

    Nevertheless, he is actually a warrior reborn from the ancient past, another resurrected legatus legionis whose greatness is no less than the mighty hero Caesar...!!

    The curtain is raised: An epic fantasy war story revolving around resurrected heroes and beautiful maidens!!

    Another series by Takedzuki Jou, better known for his earlier work: Campione. A (sort-of) mecha action packed series, and true to his origins, lots of lewd kissing. As is usual with Takedzuki-sensei, he melds a bit of mythology with our real world to create an alternate timeline where gods took over certain countries, granting them blessings in the form of huge mechas: Legions. The setting is Japan, where a sheltered princess tries to take over the country, recruiting the help of an amnesiac, seemingly unassuming , high school boy. In truth, he's a reincarnation of an ancient hero, but as he can't remember his identity, his powers are far from optimal, which is why the Princess grants him a sword (Izumi-no-Kami Kanesada) and an order: Pretend to be Hijikata Toshizou and rally the japanese armies against the foreign invaders!!

    You can't put Black Prince Edward, Richard Lionheart, Wei Qing and an amnesiac

    fighting with armies of giant armored soldiers and not have huge proportions of hype. Especially since their Legions are custom-made for them following historical events they took part in. For example Edward's Archers of Crecy or Richard's Coeur de Lion or Masatsugu's

    Not to mention that even regular people can access legendary powers through the Appelations, which are sacred objects that are granted power by its link with historical figures, such as Kanesada which gives the Legions Katanas and the Shinsengumi's trademark sword style, or Ushiwakamaru's katana that grants teleportation as a reenactment of the eight boat leap. It's pretty much the Fate series but with Earth Servants only... and mechas... which is dope AF xD.

    The series is completed with 7 volumes.

    Bonus: Y.Aoi trying to read the synopsis in under 30 secs for the TVCM

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    I absolutely support this getting picked up. If it includes lewd kissing and well written mythology, and action, then it's right up this author's specialty.

  • @aruseus493 it's not that heavy on mythology though, some deities and spirits get mentioned as the guardians of certain countries but they play more of a supporting role if anything. The main focus is on these reincarnated heroes which are all so far historical ones, not mythological. But it still lands within the author's scope, his research skills shine in the setting with the different abilities the heroes have based on their historical feats.

    The lewd kissing on the other hand, it's as good as Campione's, only made better by BUNBUN's glorious art.

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    Yeah, I like the author and would love this to be licensed, though Campione and Leviathan first. :) It's a great book.

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