Musketeer Rouge

  • I have two light novels I absolutely want to see getting officially licensed/translated. Both are historical novels where the stories take place in a medieval fantasy world (but without magic). But since they are completly related with each other I think it is fine, just to post one novel for the start and I do this with the one I would like to read more.

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    Name: Musketeer Rouge
    Author: Yuki Shima
    Artist: Chiho Saitou
    Genre: Adventure, Gender Bender, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
    Volumes: 9 (Complete)
    Publisher: Kadokawa
    Manga Adaption: Yes
    Description: (Attention: This synopsis was google translated, it may not be correct.)
    Julia, a young girl with good sword skills, grew up like a boy. After her grandfather suddenly talks to her about her marriage, she decides to take her destiny in her own hands. Changing her name to Julian and dressing up as a man, her aim is to go to the capital and become a musketeer. On her way, she meets three handsome musketeers. Furthermore she gets caught up in a huge conspiracy against the queen of Aquitaine.

    Covers of the remaining volumes:

    Volume 2
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    Volume 3
    alt text
    That good looking guy with the brown hair and black clothes is Julia's fiancee her grandfather talkee about in the first volume (the reason she ran away from home). He can't accept, that Julia doesn't want to marry him, also that she loves another one and lastly because of her hidden heritage. Honestly, such good looks, but such a bad character... Well, it wouldn't be exiting, if her were a nice and understanding guy.

    Volume 4
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    Volume 5
    alt text

    Volume 6
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    Volume 7
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    A volume filled with side stories about what the characters are doing in their free time, or on their own (maybe) and their past, to summarize it, this volume tells about the stories not included in the main arcs.

    Volume 8
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    Volume 9
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    Character Introduction:

    A short description on the different characters, please note, that they may not be correct.

    Original Version: D'Artagnan
    Here: Julia (Julian)
    alt text
    The main protagonist and heroine. Her dream is to become a musketeer. Originally the only survivor of the royal family of Phalen.
    The only ones who know her true gender so far are Hugo and later Rosalia (in the second volume she tries to steal the document from Julia and accidently discovers, that this young boy is actually a young girl).

    Original Version: Athos
    Here: Hugo
    alt text
    Male lead and main love interest of the heroine. He is the one of the three best musketeers in the kingdom and their leader, also he is the childhood friend of Claude and Rosalia.

    Original Version: Aramis
    Here: Riviere
    alt text
    The second one of the trio of musketeers and so handsome, that Julia on their first encounter thought he was a woman and because of this got promply asked to a duel. Because of his feminine appearance, during a mission he is forced to dress up as a beautiful woman by his comrades.

    Original Version: Porthos
    Here: Rastard
    alt text
    A happy go lucky guy, who apparently loves eating.

    Original Version: Rochefort
    Here: Claude
    alt text
    The guards captain, right handed man of the cardinal and a very skilled fighter. He is the childhood friend of Rosalia and Hugo (and apparently holds Rosalia very dear). In the second volume of the novel series, he and his men are forced to work together with the three musketeers and Julia to find the missing two parts of a special document, which contents apparently are a testimony of the past love affair (and also marriage?) between the queen and the cardinal.

    Original Version: Milady
    Here: Rosalia
    alt text
    A beautiful woman and the spy of the cardinal. She is also the childhood friend of Hugo and Claude and is mostly seen together with Claude, or the cardinal. Rosalia is the one who steals the precious diamond ring of the queen. It isn't really clear, who her true master is, since it's seen, that she apparently works for more than just one person and always switches.

    Original Version: Cardinal Richelieu
    Here: Cardinal and prime minister of Aquitaine (Name: Alfonso)
    alt text
    The son of a marquis, a member of the church and prime minister of Aquitaine. Is the one who secretly reings the kingdom (since apparently the king is an idiot). Although he always goes against the queen, he was once her lover, way before they became what they are now.

    Original Version: Anne D'Autriche
    Here: Queen of Aquitaine (Name: Diane)
    alt text
    The queen of Aquitaine and former lover of Cardinal Alfonso. The musketeers are very loyal to her. Later it is found out, that originally Julia, as the princess of Ortez should have married the king instead of her.

    PS: In the original version by Alexandre Dumas the item used for the conspiracy against the queen of France are some very expensive diamond needles, gifted to her by her husband Ludwig XIII.. In this version by Yuki Shima (Author) and Chiho Saitou (Artist) a diamond ring is used instead. Then there is also still the beautiful ring (much more beautiful than the one the king gifted her and in my opinion suits her much more), which was a gift from the cardinal from back then, when they were still deeply in love with each other (they still somewhere are).
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    This novel has a sequel named 'Rosenkreuz', which is actually the main story and 'Musketeer Rouge' it's prequel, where the story takes place ca. 100 years before 'Rosenkreuz'. Both are (or were, since it has been some years, since they were published) quite popular and many drama cds were released for both series. Besides this, I really can't see anymore isekai novels and I always loved rococo and musketeer stories (in my country exist quite a few). I really hope they can someday be picked up! Friends of me who could read japanese already have read the manga of 'Musketeer Rouge' and the the first two novels of both the prequel and the sequel and where totally exited about it, since the stories were so good and really refreshing. They told me a bit about it and got me more hooked up on these books, as I already totally am. I soooooo want to read these novels too!!!

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    I read your post and I think you should just post the one LN and say it has a sequel series. I thought you wanted 2 separate LNs.

  • @drone205 Thank you for your suggestion. I already changed it.