Musketeer Rouge (Suggestion for JNC Heart)

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    Name: Musketeer Rouge
    Author: Yuki Shima
    Artist: Chiho Saitou
    Genre: Adventure, Gender Bender, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
    Volumes: 9 (Complete)
    Publisher: Kadokawa
    Manga Adaption: Yes (You can find a sample of the first manga volume here.)
    Description: (Attention: This synopsis was google translated, it may not be correct.)
    Julia, a young girl with good sword skills, grew up like a boy. After her grandfather suddenly talks to her about her marriage, she decides to take her destiny in her own hands. Changing her name to Julian and dressing up as a man, her aim is to go to the capital and become a musketeer. On her way, she meets three handsome musketeers. Furthermore she gets caught up in a huge conspiracy against the queen of Aquitaine.

    I really can't see anymore isekai novels and I always loved musketeer stories (in my country exist quite a few). I really hope it can someday be picked up! There is a lot of action, drama and of course sword (and also probably gun fighting) fighting with a lot of political intrigues and dangers (in the first volume the main antoganists are the (surpisingly handsome) cardinal and his guards, but in the later volumes more and definitely much scarier and more unscrupulously enemies are appearing), not forgetting the romance in this series (although it's definitely not a harem story). The world is somewhat based on a parallel Europe, well, mainly France, although there are other countries mixed in it too. Interesting is also, that the female protagonist is crossdressing to become a musketeer, since a woman can't become one and there is constantly the danger of her getting discovered, not only by her enemies, but also by her friends and comrades. What also fascinates me is, that she isn't such a weak protagonist, who is always crying for the male lead or other men to save her.
    Overall the story is very exiting and it doesn't get boring, since there is always the next intrigue and adventure waiting on the next corner.

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    I read your post and I think you should just post the one LN and say it has a sequel series. I thought you wanted 2 separate LNs.

  • @drone205 Thank you for your suggestion. I already changed it.

  • This post is deleted!

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    I think you should shorten your post, the long character introduction and the PS will likely not interested those who are just taking a look whithout knowing the serie, and i get the feeling that they're spoilers.
    It's clearly a niche title so you should rather try to convince people that that genre could interest them. Maybe try to target the people who want gender bender or LGBT title or those who like the shojo side of JNC novel.
    Or on the other hand if it's more an action title, speak of the fights, the political plot, the world building ...

  • @raitoiro Thank you for your suggestion, I've changed it.^^

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  • Musketeer stories are always nice to read, that alone is already enough for me to get interested. But aside from this I got the manga adaption of this novel at home and loved it and I sooo want to know how the story will continue!

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    It sounds really interesting and exiting, besides I always love musketeer stories. Count me in!

  • Sounds totally interesting, I would love to give this a try! You’ve got my upvote!!!

  • Since this novel is also of the shoujo genre, I really hope it will be picked up and licensed.

  • @claire-lilly I hope so too!!!

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    Somehow currently I'm totally craving for a novel just like this one with a historical setting without any magic. I really hope, that JNC will get interested in licensing such novels in the future. It would be a change for once.

  • I wish JNC would be also a bit more interested in licensing such historical (fantasy) novels. Maybe they could license the first two, or three volumes to see how such titles will sell (or in this case, this title)?

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    They have licensed a historical LN, The Tales of Marielle Clarac, and they have even licensed a Historical Fantasy title, Tearmoon Empire.

    So they definitely are giving the genre a chance, also if they license a title they are in it for the long haul, so they won’t just license 2 or 3 volumes and if it doesn’t sell drop it. A situation like that would quickly make their customer base lose faith in them.

  • @rahul-balaggan Ah, okay.

  • @rahul-balaggan Even if they are giving this genre a chance, it would still be awesome, if they could especially license this novel.😆

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    @claire-lilly yes, however the only way to increase the likelihood of this LN being picked up is if the titles they have licensed of similar genres do well (sales wise).

    In theory (again just theory) if the historical fantasy title, and the historical titles they have licensed all do poorly, this LN would become even less likely to be picked up.

  • Since my childhood I loved musketeer stories! If this novel would get licensed, it would be awesome!!!

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    @rahul-balaggan Then we can only hope, that they will sell well. I can only speak for myself, but I already preordered the first volume of Tearmoon Empire and will soon preorder the first volumes of Bibliophile Princess and The Tales of Marielle Clarac. I only need to wait for my monthly points.xD And so far these titles are my absolute favorite ones from J-Novel Club.