Earl & Fairy (Suggestion for JNC Heart)

  • I just love this novel!!! Please, please license it, dear J-Novel Club!!!!!!

  • Seeing that Ascendance of a Bookworm has currently 22 volumes and is still ongoing (at least the light novel version) it isn't out of the way to say, that J-Novel Club does license lengthy novels. It really gets my hopes up! If enough people are interested in it and would continue to buy it (and I definitely would!!!) it would be another great addition to J-Novel Club's library.

  • I just love this novel!!! I really hope, it gets soon licensed!

  • One of my absolute favorite novels!!! I know it’s a long series, but please pick it up!!!!!!

  • J-Novel Club got interesting for me, after they created the “Heart” label. I really love Tearmoon Empire, Bibliophile Princess and The Tales of Marielle Clarac (I especially like reading Bibliophile Princess). And I would love to see more shoujo titles!!! And Earl & Fairy is a novel, which would be an awesome addition to J-Novel Club Heart’s collection. The story is fantastic, the art beautiful and you learn a lot of fairies. I really hope you will license this!!!!!!

  • I’m really wondering why this novel didn’t already get licensed until now, it’s such a gem! True, it’s quite a long series, but it’s really worth it. Please license it!!!

  • @WhiteLotusGem Same here, I can’t believe this wonderful novel is still not licensed. I would absolutely love to read it and buy the series to the last volume!!!!!!

  • This novel is simply wonderful and it would be a great addition to J-Novel Club’s line up. I hope I can read it soon.

  • Living in Ireland I developed a big interest in fairies, so this novel sounds really good to me. I really would like to read it!