Maid kara Haha ni Narimashita (From Maid to Mother)

  • I think that's one of the few titles I am recommending believing that it fits the audience here. (Not just me hoping to fish a group to support what I like without knowing if it will work out)

    Well, if I am wrong, I'll seriously get depressed lol.

    alt text
    Title: Maid kara Haha ni Narimashita
    English Title: From Maid to Mother/Became a Mother From a Maid
    Manga Status: Exists, Fan-translation only, ongoing
    Novel Status: 4 Volumes (Ongoing)
    LNDB, NU
    Publisher: Regina Books (AlphaPolis)

    A high school girl reincarnates in another world as Lily. While she occasionally reminisces about her past life, she is now known as “the Maid of the Royal Family,” after helping to rear the lady who eventually married the crown prince. One day, the court magician Leonard suddenly requests that she acts as a mother for his adopted daughter Jill.

    What is the series about?
    It's basically one of these fluffy slice of life about raising a child, but it just happened that this child to be a huge ball of mana with a bit of hint of romance between Lily and Leonard (even though, Leonard seems to be afraid of women on account of him being chased a lot lol).
    It started with Leonard and Jill being unable to communicate leaving Lily puzzled about how to mediate between them, and progressed up till the three of them became a "family".

    Why do you I think that it fits JNC audience?
    Since I think a lot of people here prefer such light cute and fluffy reads and fans of stuff like "If It's for My Daughter" or other titles with kids should enjoy this.
    Also, it caters for the people who wanted more Female-oriented works.

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    I've been following the manga of this one. I'd definitely like to see it translated.

    Too bad that the publisher is AlphaPolis, from what Sam said they don't even have a proper licensing deparment (or something like that). There are quite a few other LNs (10+) I'm interested in from this publisher, too.

  • @terabyte
    Seven Seas licensed a manga from them through an agent, but it's just Sam doesn't work like that.
    Well, who knows what will change in the future?

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    @bloodygaikotsu I sure hope it changes. I've been checking out quite a few (fan-translated) things from them. I'd very much prefer an official release so I can support the authors properly, too.

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    I also heard that Alphapolis is not interested in digital only releases. So if J-Novel does want to license it they have to create a print copy too unless Alphapolis changes their mind.

    Which is sad some of the books I want translated the most are Alphapolis.

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    Well, this definitely fits my tastes to a T so an upvote it gets.

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    Oh wow! I love you for putting this out here. Really wish this gets picked up..

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    This is no coincidence, BTW.
    Since, I remembered this title reading your comment on the other thread lol.

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    Sounded quite appealing to me, then oh no Alphapolis sadface.jpg

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