[Manga] Crow Record: Infinite Denrogram Another (Infinite Dendrogram Manga Original Spin-Off)

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    Crow Record: Infinite Denrogram Another
    クロウ・レコード 〈Infinite Dendrogram Another〉

    Publisher: Media Factory
    Magazine: Comic Alive
    Author: Sakon Kaidou (Original Infinite Dendrogram Author)
    Artist: La-na (Pixiv Account)


    An adventure series featuring Fallen Knight Juliet & Great Pirate Chelsea in the game Infinite Dendrogram. These are the two characters introduced in volume 3 during a warm-up match in the Duel Colosseum. Juliet with her flying ability and dropping latices of attacks and Chelsea with her ultimate ability to summon forth an ocean.


    In the desire for all things related to Infinite Dendrogram, I'm sure a lot of us would love to get this spin-off. A great aspect of spin-off series is to get a new perspective on the world separate from the protagonist. It generates a whole new thought process on the power-scales we see in the main series, the quests, and other characters.

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    I definitely want this title, and I am not trying to rag on YP but I want it to stay in house, so if anyone is gonna get it please let it be JNC