The Knight’s Familiar (Suggestion for JNC Heart)

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    Name: Kishi-sama no Tsukaima
    The Knight's Familiar
    Author: Murasawa Yu
    Artist: ???
    Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Romance
    Year: 2012
    Publisher: AlphaPolis
    Manga Adaption: Yes (You can read the first chapter for free here.)
    Volumes: 4 (Complete)
    Description: Kidnapped by an evil witch, Ashe, an orphan, was made into a cat by magic. She spent painful days not being given any decent food, but was saved by Lightrick, a knight of the castle! But Ashe's witchcraft was unbroken, so she can't return to a human...!? In the end, stuck in her cat form, Ashe lived with Lightrick and was pampered as a literal cat but-- will the day come when this curse is broken!? A doting fantastic love story!

    A very unique and interesting story it seems. I totally like it, that the protagonist is living her life as a magical cat in the first volume (in the later volumes, she can switch between her human and cat form). So the first volume is from a cat's view, which is totally interesting in my eyes (and there's a lot what is hidden from human eyes, but not from the eyes and hearing of a cat.). Like stated in the description, there will be a lot of romance (and doting while in the form of a cat). The volume length isn't that long either, so I don't think there will be any problems licensing this series. And the illustrations in the novel are so beautiful and just look at the manga, the art is awesome and the story sooo fluffy and cute (the manga covers the first light novel volume)!

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    Sound interesting, especially the whole cat POV thing

  • I have the manga at home and I really love it. The story is nice and fluffy and the art is sooo unbelievable beautiful, Jiji always draws awesome!!! I really would like to read the novel too!

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    @Claire-Lilly I agree, the manga is totally nice. The drawing style is just awesome. I totally love Jiji! And the manga also got me really interested in the novel.

  • A tranformed into a cat novel! No matter what, please license this, even if its AlphaPolis!!!

  • I hope J-Novel will finally be able to also license Alphapolis novels, I soo want to read it. And the shoujo label is really getting my hopes up for that.

  • I love cats, so upvote!

  • Interesting story. Upvote!