[Manga] Blue Hearts by YAYOI Sou

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    “What the hell are you doing, me?”
    Already half of his high school life is over and none of his hopes and dreams have been fulfilled yet…
    This is how Yuuhi Nagi, who has no friends in his classes, has been living his uneventful empty life – until he got dragged into this unexpected crisis!
    This is how the lives of the four people who are most likely to repeat a year, and the person who will help them succeed, are connected.
    This is where this bittersweet coming of age story begins!!

    (Source: Mangaupdates)

    Author: YAYOI Sou
    Publisher: NHN Entertaiment
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Seinen, Slice of Life
    Anime: No
    Status: 18 Chapters (Ongoing)

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    ReLife v2.0? I'm keen

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    Eh, I read the start of this and it doesn't feel anywhere near as interesting as ReLife was at the same point.

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    It starts really slow then holy crap, that escalated quickly!

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    I don't disagree with that, but it doesn't really feel like this manga has a definitive direction. It feels like they're just mashing different people's trauma arcs together without weaving it into the end goal that all the characters are trying to achieve.

    It's not bad compared to lots of manga out there. But it also doesn't really leave me with a feeling that I'm eagerly anticipating the next chapter coming out. Maybe it'll turn around further into the story, but right now I feel I'd be hard pressed to recommend this to someone, especially if they really enjoyed ReLife.

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    That's the downside of a true slice of life story I suppose, no big hook or novelty factor like ReLife had.

    The only goal or overarching plot is mentioned right there in the synopsis in the first post - four screw ups trying to prevent having to repeat a year. People will either dig the whole coming of age thing of them working & growing together or find it boring as hell.

    The MC starts off really weak too, they needed to flesh him out more way earlier than they did. Until we got those extra details of his backstory I didn't find him sympathetic at all & was more interested in all the other characters.