A Romantic Comedy Where the Childhood Friend Absolutely Will not Lose

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    Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy


    My childhood friend Shida Kuroha seems to have feelings for me. She lives next door, and is small and cute. With an outgoing character, she’s the caring Onee-san type, this being one of her greatest strengths.

    …But, I already have my first love, the beautiful idol of our school, and the award-winning author high school girl, Kachi Shirokusa! Thinking about it rationally, I should have no chances with her, but, while walking home from school, she only talks to me, with a smile even! I might actually have a chance, don’t you think?!

    Or so I thought, but then I heard that Shirokusa already has a boyfriend, and my life took a turn for the worse. I want to die. Why is it not me?! Even though she was my first love…As I was drowning in despair and depression, Kuroha whispered.

    —If it’s that tough for you, then how about we get revenge? The best revenge ever, that is~

    Author: Shuichi Nimaru
    Artist: Shigure Ui
    Publisher: Dengeki Bunko
    Status in COO: 2 Volumes (Ongoing)
    Manga Adaption: No
    Anime Adaption: No

    Why We need more romcoms and less isekai ;)

    Placed 5th on Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi

  • As a believer of the childhood friend route (those sweet creatures get the short end of the stick way too often) I MUST upvote this

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    To be honest, the childhood friend actually sounds kinda scary.

  • I've been interested in this one since it placed on the ln rankings, sounds really fun and I'm hoping that someone licenses it even if it isn't j-novel

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    I'm on board, sounds scrumptious. I could use another good romcom in my diet.

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    Count me in for this one, too.

  • Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Come Teen Rom-Com Light Novels Get TV Anime in 2021!!!

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