[Manga] Yankee & Little Girl

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    Yankee & Little Girl
    Onna ga Nigate na Yankee to Shoujo no Hanashi

    Publisher: Square Enix
    Magazine: Gangan Online
    Mangaka: Marumikan

    Genres: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life


    A "delinquent" who freezes up and says violent things when around women meets a small girl in the library when he's out studying. To his surprise, she tutors him, even though an elementary student shouldn't be able to. As it turns out, she's a high school student and his classmate; she's eager to befriend him. Also surprising to him is the fact that he isn't afraid of her. Could it be because he sees her as a kid? Or does he?

    A series about a delinquent that is afraid of speaking to women and a short girl that wants to conquer his heart. It's a ridiculously insanely cute romcom every bit as fluffy as something like Elf Bride. I'd love to own some physical English volumes of this. Cute is justice and romance is justice. If you want to read a fun light-hearted manga with satisfying romance, this is definitely the series to read. It's mostly a series about the time they spend together whether it be in the regular library or outings they take together.

    Volume 1 Cover

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    Totally upvoting this. Love romance series with tall guys and short girls with no age gap. Though Square Enix is probably the most likely to license, now that they have an English division.