Fiancee of the Wizard / Mahou Tsukai no Konyakusha (JNC Heart)

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    Volume 1 Synopsis
    After being caught in an accident in the current world, I was reincarnated into a world of swords and magic. Together in this new world with me is a cool, powerful, and handsome boy named Egidius (エギエディルズ). But, the childhood friend I finally bonded with was sent off to defeat the demon lord as the Royal Palace's head mage!

    Author: Nakamura Syuri
    Artist: Sakano Keiko
    Publisher: IRIS Neo
    Volumes published: 9 (Ongoing)

    My notes
    Initially I bought the manga because COMIC FLOS was having a sale on Bookwalker and the first volume synopsis sounded interesting enough. The idea of a trope reversal where the heroine reincarnated as a common noble also piqued my interest. The heroine, Fillimina, is quite likeable, with the strong will personality to overcome her hardships, but is also a magnet for disaster. Egidius seems to be fragile at first, but his determination to becoming a man who can support Fillimina makes their relationship a good read.

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    Holy cats, I can't beleive no one put this suggestion up already. Fully support this title.

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    As someone who read the manga adaptation, I must caution that the MC's characterisation might rub some readers the wrong way, esp. those who are used to more brash, gung-ho, proactive heroines like Katerina Claes, Marielle Clarac or Erica Aurelia.

    Not that this affects its Japanese popularity, in fact I think the fanbase loves it.

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    Oh... yes. Unfortunately, the spoiler comment confirmed my suspicion from the blurb. Not my cup of tea, but I hope for those who do enjoy it it will be licensed!