Oreta Ryuukotsu

  • Author: Honobu Yonezawa (Koten-bu Series/Hyouka)
    Title: Oreta Ryuukotsu (The Broken Keel)(折れた竜骨)
    Publisher: Tokyo Sogensha (Novel), Kadokawa (Manga).
    Type: Novel (Original) and Manga (Adaptation).
    Volumes: 1 (Maybe 2)(Novel), 5 (Manga)
    Status: Completed (Novel), Ongoing (Manga).
    Awards and nominations (Novel):
    2011 - Mystery Writers of Japan Award for Best Novel
    2011 - The Best Japanese Mystery Fiction of the Year (2012 Honkaku Mystery Best 10)
    2011 - Nominee for Honkaku Mystery for Best Novel
    2011 - Nominee for Yamamoto Shūgorō Prize

    Oreta Ryuukotsu is a mystery novel set towards the end of a twelfth-century Europe where magic exists.

    Synopsis (Machine translated):
    The Solon Islands, which sailed from London and floated along the rugged North Sea for three days. One day, Amina, whose father is the lord, meets Falck Fitzjohn, a knight on a wandering journey, and Nicola, his servant's boy. Falk told Amina's father that he was destined to be killed by an assassin knight who was a terrifying magician.
    A father who was killed by the assassination knight's magic on an island that was supposed to be a natural fortress, eight suspects of "Minion" candidates, suspicious mercenaries in the end, a sunk bell, key An immortal young man who suddenly disappeared from the prison on which the stricken tower towered-and when was the resurrected "cursed Danes" invaded? In the world where magic and curse falter, can the power of "reasoning" really reach the truth?

    Novel: Official Site (Japanese)
    Manga: MAL, MangaUpdates

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    Oreta Ryuukotsu (Manga) Vol. 1

    Hey guys. I've got kind of an unusual suggestion here, a Non-LN Japanese mystery novel, by the author of Hyouka, Oreta Ryuukotsu! I'm a fan of the Koten-bu series (RIP my dreams of having an official English hardcover) and have found myself really wanting to read some of Yonezawa's other works. I can't even remember how I found this novel of his in particular, probably serendipity, I just remember running upon it some years ago and finding myself rather infatuated with the idea of it. I'd essentially resigned myself to never getting the chance to read it since the odds of some random mystery novel (not even an LN) being translated were nigh zero. However, while perhaps a suboptimal solution, as of 2015 Oreta Ryuukotsu has actually been receiving a manga adaptation, which makes the odds of me (and you) getting the chance to consume the story in some capacity look many times less grim. But, at any rate, I'm here to recommend the Oreta Ryuukotsu Novel (and the manga too, I guess) for translation and gauge interest. So, is anyone else here interested in seeing a translation of the Oreta Ryuukotsu Novel, Manga, or both?

    Novel's Official Site, Oreta Ryuukotsu (Mystery Frontier) Amazon.co.jp Page, Oreta Ryuukotsu <top> Amazon.co.jp Page, Oreta Ryuukotsu <bottom> Amazon.co.jp Page, Oreta Ryuukotsu Vol. 1's Amazon.co.jp Page,Oreta Ryuukotsu Vol. 5's Amazon.co.jp Page, Broken Keel <top> Tokyo Sogensha Store, Broken Keel <bottom> Tokyo Sogensha Store, Honobu Yonezawa's Wikipedia Page.