Psychic Detective Yakumo

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    Author: Manabu Kaminaga

    Illustrator: Katoh Akatsuki/Suzuka Oda

    Publisher: Nihon Bungeisha/Asuka Magazine

    Format: Light Novel/Manga

    Genre: mystery/supernatural

    Status: Complete

    Volumes: 12/14

    From 'my anime list'

    Haruka Ozawa's sophomore year is getting seriously scary. One of her friends is possessed, another has committed suicide and Haruka could be the next one to flunk the still-breathing test. Her only way out of this potentially lethal dead end? Yakumo Saito, an enigmatic student born with a mysterious red eye that allows him to see and communicate with the dead. But the deceased don't always desist and some killers are more than ready to kill again to keep dead men from telling any more tales. That doesn't stop Haruka's knack for digging up buried secrets, and there's even more evidence of bodies being exhumed by both Yakumo's police contact and an investigative journalist with a newly made corpse in her closet! Can this pair of anything but normal paranormal detectives solve the ultimate dead case files or will they end up in cold storage themselves?

    My personal note: This has been around for a while. One of the first manga I read. I remember binging the anime and it's a shame the light novels aren't legally translated. There was also a tv drama. The manga always kept me in suspense. I just want to see it get the recognition it deserves in the western world.

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    The anime was good.

    It would definitely be nice to see the novels licensed too, though the series is so drastically different from what's typically licensed that I have no clue how well it would do.