Ghost hunt

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    Title: Ghost Hunt

    Format: Light Novel, manga*

    Synopsis from Wikipedia: Ghost Hunt (Japanese: ゴーストハント, Hepburn: Gōsuto Hanto), originally titled Akuryō Series (悪霊シリーズ), is a light novel series written by Fuyumi Ono. It follows the adventures of Shibuya Psychic Research as they investigate mysterious occurrences all over Japan with a team of other spiritualists and clever assistants.

    Reasons why I think it should get picked up: Despite the novel being old and anime coming out in 2007 I believe this novel series has the ability to interest new readers who are fans of the paranormal. There is also the opportunity to gain the licence for the final manga volume and the 3 sequel volumes which were never officially translated. The novel series is over 30 years old with rewrites and paperbacks still being released over the last few years meaning it's fairly successful in Japan to last that long

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    @zenzen YES! THIS! I need this in my life. I have the original manga publication from Del Rey, except for the last volume of course. As someone with OCD you have no idea how much this bugs the hell out of me =___=
    The anime is awesome too! When I found out it was based off of a novel I wanted to read it SO DAMN BAD!!! If this got licensed I would pre-order the shit out of it.
    Besides, some things are just good, despite their age. I mean, look at Sailor Moon and Slayers! Those are just as old but still just as popular!

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    I've been reading the recent bunko release, and much like Twelve Kingdoms, this is shit is an absolute jargon nightmare. She clearly did a ton of research on how each religion (or pseudoscience) talks about and exorcises ghosts, and then there's all the different words for ghost that English doesn't have...

    And they can go a totally punishing length of time without anything actually happening, which would probably make them a poor fit for serialization. That's the kind of slowwww burn that works best in bulk.

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    @doceirias English actually has a lot of words for 'ghost' too. Like specter, phantom, spirit, apparition. I'm actually a bit of a folklore nut myself, so there are a lot of 'ghosts' that are of a specific type. Most people know poltergeists, but there's also fetches, which is basically yourself. If you see yourself, you die. Wraith comes from the old Norse word Vordr, which means 'ward' or 'warden'. It's a bit like a guardian spirit, until you die, then it becomes undead and haunts a person or place. There's the ubiquitous 'Lady in White', the generic parts being she is a scorned woman who murdered her children and then killed herself.
    So there is a wealth of words to use in an English translation that could properly approximate their Japanese counterparts.
    Although I do understand that the last thing a translator would want to do is extensive research the paranormal on top of their normal work.
    I still want a translation of this so damn bad.
    I needed to reiterate.
    I've been waiting for ten years.