The Magician of the Staircase (Suggestion for JNC Heart)

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    Name: The Magician of the Staircase
    Author: Tamaki Itomori
    Artist: Nanao Yamashita
    Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
    Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
    Volumes: 3 (Complete)
    Manga Adaption: No
    Description: Everything Judy touches is put to sleep. Even though she can't even have a lover because of this curse, she is to marry the ill-rumored "Magician of the Staircase"! However, the goal of the magician - who she thought came to pick her up - was just a sample of Judy's blood. He rejected Judy with... "Marriage? Me? Don't be silly, it's quite enough to be single for this entire life."?! This is a love fairy tale between a young girl and a frustrating and socially awkward evil magician!

    Another novel I really would like to see getting licensed. It's story is quite similar to 'The Bride of the Ancient Magus'. At first I thought it was just another typical romance story, but in reality it seems to focus a lot on side characters, familiar relationships, the loneliness in people and how terrible the main protagonist's curse is.
    As for the similarity with 'The Bride of the Ancient Magus' the magician in this book is actually a monster-like person, who apparently is the strongest magician in the current and past centuries. There seem to be rumours, that he was cursed to be in this hideous form. Different to the 'The Bride of the Ancient Magus' he is very cold and mean to the main protagonist (at first).
    The main protagonist earned really my pity, since because of her curse, no one wants to marry her, even though she is a beautiful, cute and warmhearted girl and even her own family partly shuns her. To everyones surprise, finally a marriage proposal comes in for her, it is from the rumoured staircase magician (I absolutely don't know why he's called like this). But upon arrival at her fiancees mansion, it turns out, he isn't in the least interested in her and only wanted to collect a blood sample of her for his experiments. Poor Judy...
    About the a bit misleading cover, it turns out the stair case magician has three forms, a monster one, a human one, called Victor and another, pretty cute one (I won't spoiler here). All three forms already appear in the first volume and the main protagonist doesn't has a clue that her friend Victor and ??? are one and the same person.
    I think this novel is pretty good (I've read a translated teaser and a friend summarised the rest for me), it's a slow romance, what in my opinion is quite nice, since I don't really like super fast romance development novels and even a good portion of action isn't missing either (there are people who want to use her because of her curse and at first use sweets words to deceive her, since her curse is also a weapon in itself (not sure about that).

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    Sounds very good. I'm a sucker for anything like Ancient Magus Bride or Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (there's no magic in this but hey it's still magical) and the fact that it's quite short (being 3 volumes) and completed is really tempting. You have my upvote :)

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    I love The ancient magus bride so i totaly for getting more of the same thing.

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  • Sounds interesting, the male lead is also to my liking.

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    The story sounds promising and the art is pretty good too. I would definitely give it a try. And if this novel is completed with 3 volumes it also has a nice length for licensing and translating.

  • Sounds quite promising, I would definitely give it a try!

  • This one would be a good addition to JNC Heart. I'm so happy, that this shoujo label was established. Now us female readers can hope for more novels oriented toward girls.

  • Sounds good. Upvote!