My Cursed Bride Groom (Suggestion for JNC Heart)

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    Name: My Cursed Bride Groom
    Akuma no You na Hanamuko
    Akuma no You na Anata
    Author: Matsuda Shinobu
    Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
    Publisher: Cobalt Series
    Manga adaption: Yes
    Volumes: 10 (Complete)
    Description: Juliet's father tells her mother two messages. One is a good one, the other a bad one. The good news is that they finally got a marriage proposal for their lanky youngest daughter. The bad thing is that it's coming from the cursed count Basil ...

    Since her childhood, Juliet has been treated badly by many people. Although she loves her family and also the farmers appreciate her for her hobby - the pumpkin breeding - but with other aristocrats she is rather frowned upon. There are some reasons for this, but they are actually unfounded. She is called "Julia, the lanky thirteenth". She was born as the thirteenth child and ninth daughter of Baron Spring and since thirteen is an unlucky number, it is seen by others as a bad omen. In addition, she has grown very large and surpasses her father already by ten inches of height. And as if all this was not bad luck enough, the marriage of her sisters has already cost so much dowry that there is nothing left for them. That's why she had already come to terms with a lonely life.
    But now, rather surprisingly, she finally seems to be able to step in front of the altar, because count Willim Basil has sent a marriage proposal and even waives any dowry. However, this offer is not very appealing to her farmer friends. After all, the most terrible rumors circulate about the count. He is said to live in a haunted castle, where dark masses are held every night and apparently he also eats children.
    But when Juliet is picked up by William's younger brother Vivian, her fears are almost over. He is a strong, handsome man who is also friendly and polite. Can someone like him really come from such a terrible family? Juliet decides to just get involved in the wedding and only a few days later she meets her husband for the first time - at least, if that's the way to say it. Because instead of a handsome young count in the prime of his age, her opposite is a small boy who can hardly hide his joy.
    Juliet learns that he was actually cursed by a witch and is now trapped in this childish figure. He is a loving, passionate man who, with the rumors surrounding his castle, keeps his secret from outsiders and he truly loves Juliet. But can she be happy like this?

    You can read a sample of the manga herelink text.

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  • Uhhh, I've read the manga adaption, which got licensed in my country and loved it. And I would also love to read the novel too, unfortunately the manga ends at volume 2 of the light novel (I think?) and I really want to know how it will continue.

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    I think the premise sounds like something I would like. I've read a couple of manga/manhwa with similar premises and liked them a lot.

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    The manga adaption is pretty good and fun to read, so I would love to read the novel too.

  • I’ve read the licensed manga and would love to read the novel too!

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    Again I’m thinking, that this novel would definitely be a good addition to the new shoujo label. I hope it will get licensed.

  • @clarabelle Well, since the shoujo label exists now, we have a higher chance to get such in the future.😊

  • I really liked the manga and would love to read the novel too.