• alt text A couple of fun slice of life series following the workers in two branches of Wagnaria family restaurant chain. Web-ban Working!! is 6 volumes while Working!! is 13 volumes. There is also Working!! Re: Order which has the extra promo strips done during the anime release as well as some follow up showing the two restaurants are in the same town (also the same town as servantxservice).

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    I very much enjoyed the anime version of this (called Wagnaria is USA)

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    any idea of how closely anime follows these (is it a Manga or LN?) and where the anime leaves off?

  • I've heard that the anime followed the manga fairly well, they probably missed some side stories due to time constraints, probably more in the www.working!! as it only had 1 season to cover 6 volumes while working!! got 3 seasons to cover 13.