[Manga] Onii-chan wa Oshimai/Onii-chan is Done For

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    Onii-chan is Done For
    Onii-chan wa Oshimai

    Publisher: Ichijinsha
    Mangaka: Nekotoufu


    Mahiro wakes up one day to find that he's become a young looking girl! The culprit, his mad-scientist sister who wishes to reform him of his hikikomori ways. Thus begins the daily life of living as a girl.


    A silly fluffy series with some good comedy about a no-good older brother that is being slowly reformed into a moe little girl by his younger sister. Would love to see it licensed and it'd be a unique thing for J-NC's manga line-up.

    Volume 1 Cover

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    I would say this is more in Seven Seas' alley, but then again, (what appears to me to be) forced genderbender is not the most appealing genre. Of course, Back Street Girls did get an anime and was licensed by Netflix...

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    It's already out in German and I'm loving it. Mahiro is such a cute little sister.

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    @nichtmalda and its translated by a startup that does digital only so that shouldn't be a problem. The german title thou ...

    Oh and the next volume is out time to buy it :D

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    @qeeh said in [Manga] Onii-chan wa Oshimai/Onii-chan is Done For:

    The german title thou ...

    C'mon, what is it for the English only plebs? Is it something with a witty German only pun, or is it horribly garbled or something?

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    "Ab sofort Schwester" ~ From this moment on sister.

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    @nichtmalda guess it means the same thing

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    @smashman42 sry had a two days business trip. As nichtmalda wrote the german title and the direct english translation. The german publishers generally have problems with title translation.

    You can't directly write something like "Onii-chan is done for" in german that would be "Bruder ist Geschichte" or "Mit Bruder ist's vorbei" which literally sound like the worst german you could write. You need some more filler words for a correct wording because you wouldn't write a title without context like "Mein großer Bruder ist Geschichte" or "Mit meinem großen Bruder ist's vorbei". It would sound ok if you used Onii-chan instead but most german publishers don't use japanese words for titles. But there are some exceptions like Suki Desu Suzuki-kun!! which got translatet as "Hab dich lieb Suzuki-kun" (literally "I love you Suzuki-kun").

    Non the less i would like an english copy too.

    Also I have to add some info to my previous statement. The german version is the doujinshi version and not the tankoubon from Ichijinsha.