[Manga] Oogami-san, Dadamore desu

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    Oogami-san, Reveal Your Feelings
    Oogami-san, Dadamore desu

    Publisher: Kodansha
    Volumes: 5+ (ongoing)

    MU, MAL

    Synopsis: The basic premise is about a loner high school girl who often has perverted thoughts, and a loner high school boy with a strange condition where anyone who touches his skin is compelled to reveal their inner thoughts. And when the female lead touches him, naturally, her perverted thoughts leak out. Hilarity ensues. It's a story of these two loners becoming friends and maybe something more...

    Why I Want It Licensed: I started reading this one recently and liked it right away. It's a lighthearted and cute romcom that shows that girls have dirty thoughts too and that's okay. The girl is worried about being shunned by her classmates for it but the boy doesn't mind and accepts her for who she is.

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    I've seen several variations on this theme, where mechanics/rules/magic create situations (Love Tyrant, If Her Flag Breaks, etc.) As long as the gimmick isn't distracting, and the content/story is compelling - I say 'yes'

    overall JNC is lacking in romcoms

    lighthearted, cute, funny? all good things

    if the underlying message is that it is "OK" for girls to be humans with desires also (anti-slut shaming) that's a plus
    get's my upvote