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    Name: Rosenkreuz
    Author: Shima Yuki
    Artist: Saitou Chiho
    Genre: Historical, Romance, Shoujo
    Year: 2001
    Volumes: 13 (14 with the fanbook, complete)
    Publisher: Kadokawa
    Manga Adaption: Yes (Two chapters in the fourteenth volume, a fanbook.)
    Description: The thief 'Rosenkreuz' makes his appearance. His true identity is Cecil, the son of the current Empress Marquess Hanover and her first husband. As replacement of his poisoned sister, he hides his gender and marries Oscar, the minister of the neighboring kingdom Aquitaine. Cecil is sure, that Oscar is the mastermind behind the murder of his sister, but gets slowly attracted to Oscar's kind nature.

    Rosenkreuz is a very interesting and exiting novel in my eyes. The plot just doesn't't get boring. There’s a lot of romance, political intrigues, sword fighting and adventure. And also here again, it will be a setting with gender bender/cross dressing. I think it's very funny (of course not for the protagonist, but for me as a reader), that the protagonist due to the sudden death of his sister, is forced to cross dress (really, I don't know if the protagonist is really male, or simply doesn't have a gender, or even has both, I just don't know. But damn, is he beautiful!!!) and marry the famous black duke. I really am asking myself how he wants to hide it. Especially in the wedding night (lol). Well, there are a lot of enemies during the series who are attracted to the protagonist's otherworldly beauty and try to obtain him/her (don't really know what gender he/she/it? is).
    For readers, who love stories with a historical/rococo setting and lots of intrigues, dangers and adventures, this novel series is definitely the right choice. I personally am really interested in the gender bender/cross dressing thingy.
    Lastly during it's release this novel was really popular in Japan, there exist a lot of drama cds and even an extra fanbook.

  • If it's the sequel to 'Musketeer Rouge', of course it gets my upvote. And the genderbender/crossdressing issue in this novel is getting me really interested.

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    It's a really nice historical light novel! The story is totally exiting and it doesn't get boring until the very end, also the volumes containing the short stories are really nice to read too. I wouldn't pass on this, if it's ever getting licensed!!!

  • Quite an unique novel. I would definitely give it a try, I’m always in for it for historical novels!!!

  • I love historical novels, especially about thiefs! Upvote!

  • Waaahhh, I didn’t see this gem! Please license it!!!!!!!!!

  • Interesting story. I would definitely like to read it.