A Mermaid Princess in Love (Suggestion for JNC Heart)

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    Name: A Mermaid Princess in Love
    Author: Yuuka Okuyama
    Artist: Sakaki Suya
    Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Shoujo
    Publisher: Ichijinsha Bunko Iris (Ichijinsha)
    Year: 2009
    Volumes: 5 (Complete)
    Manga Adaption: No
    Description: Rosa, a Marquess and descended from mermaids, was in the middle of a journey by boat to search for her destined prince when she encountered a disaster in the sea and was then rescued by a naval battleship. The captain of the ship, Ashley, was the prince she was searching for. However, the battleship was blown up and Rosa is under suspicion of being a spy...

    Rosa was going to give up on this unreachable love, but her heart can't stop being drawn to him. In the middle of that, the pirate, Julius, suddenly appears and kidnaps Rosa...!?

    The Prince of the Empire vs. the Daredevil Pirate King. The course of love of the Mermaid Princess who cannot swim is--!?

    My opinion: Since I was a child, I am a huge fan of mermaids and while searching for light novels about them, I found this one. The story sounds quite interesting and the art looks pretty too. Moreover it's from Ichijinsha, so it shouldn't be too hard to license it.

  • Sounds nice. I‘m in for a pirate and mermaid story!