This Mage Desires Mediocrity

  • Name: This Mage Desires Mediocrity

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    Original Webnovel

    Japanese title: Madoushi wa Heibon wo Nozomu; 魔導師は平凡を望む

    Publisher: Frontier Works
    Volume: 25 (ongoing)
    Author: Hirose Ren
    Illustrators: Toichi
    Genre: Action,Adventure, Comedy Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
    Synopsis: "No one will capture me!" Mizuki, a grown-up who loves gaming, is suddenly swept away to another world. She resolutely survives by using her inherent grit and magical talent. Then, two useless knights and one particularly kinky knight arrive on the scene. The appearance of so many disappointing hot guys marks the beginning of Mizuki's unprecedented, alternate-dimension life! Her chosen lifestyle involves nothing but "being herself!" This is a meritocratic, alternate-dimension fantasy that features hot guys with sublimely deplorable flaws and a sadistic mage!

    Fantranslation: Only few for the WN; Manga Adaption is licensed by Renta.

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    Given that has several harem series, I think it would be good to have a reverse harem series to balance things out.

  • Translators

    I’m always up for more female-centric harem adventures. Adding it to my Bookwalker List for when I have a bit of time and money to read a few volumes.

    (Also, 25 volumes!?)

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    I’m in. Read the manga for a bit and I’m curious about whether stuff that didn’t make it in would make some of the creepier characters more tolerable, or at least less alive. All kidding aside, it’s pretty fun and I’d totally pick up the volumes as they came available.