The Male Lead’s Villainess Fiancée

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    • I'm the Male Lead's "Girl" Friend
    • 남자주인공의 여자사람친구입니다

    This is a Korean webnovel. It's one of those isekai where someone is reborn into the body of the villainess from an otome game or romance novel (in this case, romance novel). I'd love to see an official translation of this!


    I was poor and with no one looking out for me, so I was struggling financially. Because of this, I had trouble adjusting to school as well.

    My only hobby was reading a fantasy web novel <The Fake Lovers of the Academy> and imagining that I could become the main character of it. One day, after falling asleep and imagining this as usual... I woke up but instead of becoming the heroine, I'd become the villainess, Louise Sweeney, who meets a terrible ending.

    "Since I know the original novel, if I just avoid falling in love at first sight with the male lead, I definitely won't have a tragic ending!" Thinking this, Louise avoids the male lead.

    But what's this...? Unlike the original novel, the male lead passionately confesses his love to Louise, and the heroine, who she believed to be kind, has it in for her...?!

    How did this happen? Wasn't it supposed to all work out if I just avoided the male lead?!

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    Sounds fun. Will always upvote a villainess story 😁

  • @SquirrelGirlVA I think I read some of the webcomic and I liked it, but do jnovel translate Korean?

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    @zenzen said in The Male Lead’s Villainess Fiancée:
    do jnovel translate Korean?

    Not at this time.