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  • Is It Odd That I Became An Adventurer Even If I Graduated The Witchcraft Institute? Light Novel

    Description: Having graduated from the prestigious Witchcraft Institute at the top of his class, no job is out of reach for William Glenford. Fame, fortune, prestige are at his feet, but William dreams of only one thing: adventures.

    Finding companions in a run-of-the-mill guild with an up-and-coming party of girls including a cleric, a martial artist and a beastman catgirl, and being ranked the lowest at the entry level, they immediately begin noticing that he's grossly overqualified for his role and rank... and that this mage may not be a mere "mage", but a full-fledged, national-level wizard.

    Will William adjust to his party, or will the girls ever hope to catch up to him?
    Will the girls accept him regardless of his overwhelming superiority, or will he always be the big fish in the small pond?

    Ossan Boukensha Kane no Zenkou(Good Deeds of Kane the Old Guy) Light Novel

    Description: Kane is a middle-aged adventurer who found a rare item known as "Resurrection fruit" while in the in the middle of herb gathering. When looking to sell the fruit, Kane meets a girl seeking medicine to save her companion’s life. She looks like Altena, his childhood friend who died, so he gives it to her in exchange for small change. This girl turned out to be the strongest adventurer, Anastrea, who people call the sword princess. The next day, Kane suddenly recives an invitation to join an S rank party, beat down the strongest monster, miraculously gain lots of money, and finally get confessed by a 20 year old saint. Thank to his encounter with Anastrea, Kane’s simple life will change completely.

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    Please make a separate thread for each licensing suggestion and it would be nice, if you would write your general opinion about why you want these particular novels licensed. What makes them appealing to you? There is also way too little info. Add the name of the author and artist, the publisher, the genre and how many volumes there are currently. The cover of the first volume would be good too, not just the link.

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    I changed the picture links into the actual images, mostly because I did not want a link to an aggregator site out in the open.

    Edit, I also changed the link to the Bookwalker image link, and changed the volume cover to V1 of the series for the first suggestion