Volume 5 - Part 12:

[Generic] I've noticed some of Demon Lord Zel dialogues not having the first and last character capitalized like all others. Here's a list of them: [31%] “(My bodY Is WarninG Me ThaT ThE RedheaD Is ThE ► BodY [32%] “(HeH heH heH. WomaN, WhaT HavE YoU DonE To ► HeH HeH [37%] “(Hng?!)” ► HnG [40%] “(A HigH-tiereD BindinG SpelL. GriM ReapeR, JusT ► HigH-TiereD or High-tiereD [50%] MagiC Rushing Up BehinD Me. No, IT’s RotatinG ► RushinG / It’s (Or It’S?) [54%] I Do Not Feel ThE PaiN, ThE RapiD DraininG Of My ► NoT FeeL [8%] a feat achievable by only true gluttons—those ► Maybe only by (switch around)? [16%] Sonic Boots was apparently cancelling out the ► It should be canceling (US spelling). [36%] be invisible and could now be be seen with the ► Duplicate be. [48%] opposite direction, effectively cancelling it out. ► It should be canceling (US spelling).