Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019

  • A month in 2019, we still have 11 months, a few cons and 3.5 seasons to hear about new licenses.

    So let's talk about our 10 most wanted licenses. (with or without an order, whether there are realistic or not.)

    1. Boukyaku Tantei Series
      I think it's no secret by now that I am a huge NisiOisiN fan, so I, ofc, (aside from Zaregoto continuation) I would love to see more of him.

    2. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday:
      Recently, I enjoyed (cried) watching the movie adaptation reinforcing the idea that I really wanna read this book.

    3. Your Story:
      I had to choose one book from Sugaru Miaki work which both I really love and feel like we need more of in the market. (So, ended up choosing the easiest to license...)
      His work is always beautiful and emotional.

    4. Omae wo Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore wo Riajuu ni Shitekure!
      I need non-harem, non-fantasy romcoms and this is probably the one I want the most among them.
      I love romcoms and feel like we lack them even tho there are a lot of popular romcom series like Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?, Gamers, and Eromanga-Sensei, etc)

    5. Disco Detective Wednesday:
      Otaro Maijo is a phenomenal enigma who I really wanna discover.
      They is one of the Mephisto authors I wanna be exposed more to their works.

    6. Shinonome Yuuko Series
      Was first introduced to this series by manga that only adapted half of the 1st volume which set me on a quest to find a way to finish reading it.
      Only to arrive to a dead fan-translation.
      A short series that introduced me to Bingo and would love to see its continuation.

    7. GATE
      One of the few isekai series (licensed or not) that I am really intersted in.
      Not just a maybe or it's fun but not my top priority.

    8. Kamisu(Kasumi) Reina series
      With 2 Eiji Mikage works in the market now, I can hope that we can see the work that introduced me to him, right?

    9. You Shine in the Moonlit Night
      It's an emotional, tragic novel like the ones that I suggested before but haven't gotten much attention so haven't posted about it....

    10. Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou
      I loved the TV series and it got an anime movie coming. (It also got only like 2 volumes fantranslated so wish to continue it already)

    Ofc, there are other series I really feel strongly about but I already mentioned 10, can't give myself a leeway and make it 15 or 20 or 25 now, right?

    So, what about you, guys?
    What's your top 10?

  • I wanted to answer "I wish to see Rokujouma in 2019" but the new volume just got released.
    Goals met. Good year.

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    Attacking the Dungeon With My Beautiful Boss is Overtime Work?! - Pretty dark haired boss asks her subordinate to dungeon hunt with her. Flipped dynamic once they enter the otherworldly dungeon sphere, her being the rookie who struggles, him being the usually confident pro. Comedy. A few twists. Good, solid V1.

    When We Go To Another World, We First Confirm the Laws of Physics - SOL looking Isekai that explores the more scientific side of abilities + magic powers in other worlds. The cast are a group of college students (iirc, they were planning to enter a Robot Wars series; somehow or other they got transported while working on their robot overnight).

    Hero No Segare - Devil is a Part-Timer author. Onikyu drawings again too. Fun looking reverse(?) Isekai about the son of a hero. I bought the V 1-3, so if no one picks this up, I'll read it somehow.

    Ideal Sponger Life - How has this not been confirmed yet. The manga got licensed... But no novel in sight.

    I Don't Want To Hurt, So I Put all My Skill Points into Defense - I feel this will get picked up at some point. The art style, the fun nature of it, another shield heroine (we don't have enough of those). It has a manga and is getting an anime.

    Light-Novel - The Tatsuhiko Takimoto take on Isekai. Sure to be something interesting when you pair a dramatic, self-examining + introspective writer with the fantastical, popular, sometimes spoon-fed escapism of Isekai. Or maybe I'm wrong, and the fantasy is played more straight, no major message being sent or deconstruction of the trope.

    Remake Our Life (Bokutachi No Remake) - Time travel series where the hero goes to his dream college, and lives with people he knows will one day be big shot leaders in fields of their study / art. Romance, comedy, drama focus it looks like. Solid art, popular series.

    Sakurako-san - We need an ongoing mystery. Not much of a better place to look than here. The series is still going strong, and the author even started another mystery series that's up to two volumes, so still very active.

    Zoa Hunter - My most wanted license, but it's never happening (unless we get a random anime someday). I love scifi. I love monster movie type moments. It seems like it may get into a Ship of Theseus type debate with the main character (how much of yourself can you lose before you stop being human; in this case, his body parts literally having to be severed because of the potential infection from the zombie like beast).

    Any Weight Loss / Overweight Hero one - I think of these the "I Reincarnated as the Daughter of a White Pig Noble From a Shoujo Manga" one is the one I want most because the cover art is the most fun, and the author is one of the more active authors in terms of their Narou. I heard interesting things about her weight (that it fluctuates, so it's not an "I lose my weight in volume 1, and now I'm a completely different person and don't have to work hard to keep it off" novel). I've been told a lot of the guys like her for who she is too, not what she looks like. =)

    Shout-out to Alderamin as well.

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    I'm not dedicated enough yet to be following the unlicensed LNs in Japan, or to be reading fan translations.

    From our own licensing suggestions subforum my top pick is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha because I enjoyed the anime, want to read what happens next, and suspect a fair amount of interesting content was left out to fit in as much of the story as they showed.

    (It was the first title I went to suggest, then searched and saw you'd added it months before I joined JNC.)

  • @harmlessdave said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    I'm not dedicated enough yet to be following the unlicensed LNs in Japan, or to be reading fan translations.

    Well, there are so many Anime whose novel series didn't cross the ocean yet so I guess you got fair amount to choose from, anyway, like you illustrated and yeah, the anime was great but it adapted only half the series.

    (It was the first title I went to suggest, then searched and saw you'd added it months before I joined JNC.)

    We have like a few hundred suggestions and I contributed to like 5-7% of them lol (Most of them bottom-of-the-list-dwellers)
    Surprisingly, Maoyuu was the most popular suggestion of mine, I thought that not that many people knew about the series.

  • @terrence
    I am really interested in seeing a lot of lists to compare and see if they intersect and then go back to this thread every now and then to see out progress lol (Hopefully, each one of us get smth this year)

    & it's funny that only a few of your list were candidates to be on my list like
    Remake Our Life (Bokutachi No Remake) which I find it to be similar to Sakurasou & Saekano in themes of dreams and challenges of being an artists (with a few differences)
    I am really weak against these themes

    Light-Novel (just for being the author's come-back book)

    Hero No Segare ('cuz of the author)

    Ideal Sponger Life (Interested but low-priority)

    Sakurako-san (Interested but low-priority even among mystery titles)

    Zoa Hunter - My most wanted license, but it's never happening (unless we get a random anime someday). I love scifi. I love monster movie type moments. It seems like it may get into a Ship of Theseus type debate with the main character (how much of yourself can you lose before you stop being human; in this case, his body parts literally having to be severed because of the potential infection from the zombie like beast).

    Won't say it's never happening
    Maybe it will catch the eyes of some translated SF publishers, who knows~

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    Don't have a specific order.

    Seitokai no Ichizon
    One of my favorite series and one of the most influential on me. The manga and anime are all licensed already and all that is left are the Light Novels and the manga adaptation of the sequel LN. (The manga is already fully fan-translated.) I think it's a possible license since we're seeing more breaking into Fujimi Shobo from at least Seven Seas. Completed series plus has a completed side-story series which even got an anniversary volume last year.

    From the same author as Seitokai no Ichizon. In Seizon, the author twists the harem trope while in Gamers, he twists the misunderstanding trope. Same publisher but has had a more recent anime so it's a higher chance of getting licensed. Currently ongoing.

    Only Sense Online
    One of the LNs I've re-read the most. It's a great SoL VRMMO series. The actual game is also super well designed and if Full-Dive VR existed in the real world, fuck stuff like Infinite Dendrogram and Sword Art Online, give me Only Sense Online. It's a fun relaxing series. Currently ongoing. Fujimi Shobo as well.

    Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja
    This one is a Game->Isekai series where the skills in the game were something like hyper-realistic rather than relying on stuff like menus. It has an overall really entertaining premise and I'd love for it to be licensed. From CG Magazine and currently ongoing.

    Altina the Sword Princess
    Alternate History War Series at the Dawn of the Industrial Revolution. A really damn thrilling war series based around tactics and strategies between armies and the protagonist is the strategist under the Princess that wishes to defeat her brothers to become Empress. It's a damn good series and I'd love to re-read all the volumes if it got licensed. (I'm not a fan of the fan-translations because of their localizations.) Published by Enterbrain from the same author as How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord.

    Isekai Tensei Soudouki
    Published by Alphapolis, outside of the Gate manga, this is my most desired license from them. It's about a boy in another world awakening with the personalities of two people from Earth. One is a warrior from the Warring States Era in Japan and the other was a random Otaku. With the three minds, they live in this world bringing over revolutionizing technologies and technics while fighting in various battles. The manga adaptation is actively fan-scanlated. Right now, it's a low chance series since Alphapolis is super isolationist with only two titles ever being licensed from them before. (The Re:Mosnter Manga to Seven Seas and the Gate Manga which Sekai Project failed.)

    Maou na Anoko to Murabito A
    From ASCII Media Works, this is a completed series at 11 volumes. The premise is Pre-Isekai High School Romcom where people are born with "roles" which they would take when transported to another world. This includes Hero (which acts like an RPG hero), necromancers, Demon Lord, and so on. Normal People are considered "Villagers" and the protagonist Villager A ends up in a silly relationship helping out the scatterbrained Demon Lord girl. Not sure how viable it is, but I want it.

    Fire Girl
    A portal-fantasy Isekai series about school clubs that travel to another world that is a dimensional parallel to Earth. It's a really cool adventure series based around setting up bases and researching this other world. Completed and published by TYPE-MOON, not sure how viable it is though since I don't think they've ever licensed anything out before.

    Guess those are my top 8. Everything else competes around based on my mood. At the moment, I really want some more Completed series to be licensed cause I'm starting to get burned out on the number of stalled series in Japan. Too many interesting series get licensed, but the authors stop publishing stuff after a couple volumes or just disappear after a certain amount of time. So for 2019, I want to see some series that are already completed licensed.

  • It's funny how 4 of us mentioned 29 completely different series...
    Wonder if anyone whose list may intersect with ours may come.

  • @aruseus493 said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    So for 2019, I want to see some series that are already completed licensed.

    What do you prefer tho?
    Completed series or one-shots?

    Edit: (I don't have this sentiment of wanting more completed stuff so I don't get it; personally, I just go for whatever I like without any discrimination)

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    I don't quite have 10 , but these are the ones I'd think I would enjoy if they were available and what I have seen (WN translations, manga, anime) has captured my attention sufficiently. This is sort of ordered by preference since given a choice, I'd prioritize the first 3-5 on the list over the ones lower down.

    Ascendance of a bookworm
    The MC isn't some sort of crazy OP I can do anything type person that it seems like most isekai formulas follow so it's very interesting to read as a change of pace. Unfortunately it's pretty long and the WN translation is going to take about 20 years at the current speed of the group that's picked it up.

    The Man Picked Up By the Gods
    Another fun Isekai, although the MC in this one is kind of crazy OP, the fact that he's a slime tamer and the whole thing practically revolves around slime research makes it unique in it's own way. If there was a downside, it's that the current LN is a reboot since the original publication got stalled due to writer's block so it only has a few volumes out so far.

    Isekai Kenkokuki
    Dunno what to say about this one, I'm just interested in seeing where it's going

    Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki
    Been following the manga for this and it's great, so it's one of those ones where I'm hopeful the LN is just as interesting.

    Nonbiri VRMOO-ki
    Been reading the manga for this one too and found it interesting, so same thing as the previous entry.

    Knight's & Magic
    Isekai and mecha? The anime caught my eye, and I'd like to see where the story went after since it seems doubtful it's getting a second season.

    Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja
    I'm honestly not sure if this would make a good license or not, but I've been following the WN translations and it's just interesting because of how ridiculous it is sometimes.

    Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There
    Manga was interesting, so was the anime adaptation, would be interested in seeing what the LN is like.

    When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace
    Saw the anime, somewhat interested in knowing what happens beyond that.

  • Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu.
    This awakened something in me. I didn't know I loved twintails so much until I saw the anime for this one. An amusing tokusatsu parody, great character designs, lovable villains. Shogakukan pls...

    Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
    Loved the relationships, loved the MCs approach to stopping war. Also has one of the greatest speeches ever given. That was the part of the anime that solidified my wish to see the source material licensed.

    The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
    MC gets transported to an alternate past with genderbent historical figures and takes the place of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Interesting spin on the warring states period. The anime was a blast to watch and I can only hope some publisher is brave enough to license 20+ volumes of this thing...

    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet ~Haruka, Kaikou no Tenchi~
    The anime got an official release from Viz. The 2-part OVA that followed has been fansubbed. But the sequel novels were never translated! Gargantia being one of my favourite anime, I just have to read how the story concludes.

    Lord Marksman and Vanadis
    The relationship between the main couple reminded me of series like Maoyuu and Spice & Wolf. I thoroughly enjoyed the medieval fantasy war story. Would love to give JNC money for this series.

    Shakugan no Shana
    From what I remember reading online, the anime skipped a bunch of stuff between seasons 2 and 3. I really want to get the full story and would love to revisit this series in novel form.

    The Familiar of Zero
    This was isekai before isekai became the hot new trend. As far as stories go, I love the style from last decade. I'd love to see more older series from that time period get licensed. And I'm actually a bit hopeful for this one since it's isekai. Seven Seas never did anything with the license... Maybe JNC could save it. Also, illustrations by Eiji Usatsuka (Isekai Smartphone).

    Unbreakable Machine-Doll
    While I didn't think it all that special, the anime left me wanting for more arcs and I'm curious enough to buy this series should it ever get licensed.

    The main draw for me is that it was written by Gen Urobuchi, I love how that man tells stories.

    Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled from Paradise- novels
    Loved the movie, so I wanted to check out the novels that followed (the prequel in particular).

    I would've added some Ichirou Sakaki works to the list (like Scrapped Princess or Chaika), but since Sam has basically confirmed more are coming after Outbreak Company, I opted not to.

  • @doublemangekyo

    I see you're more infatuated with older series especially adventure ones. (not exactly, my thing but stuff I may read if they are out)

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    @bloodygaikotsu said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    It's funny how 4 of us mentioned 29 completely different series...

    I want almost all of yours, probably some I'd love to see more than some on my list, but again, I like to stay in the dark on drama, romance, and mystery / horror if I can. Fantasy / comedy, there's a bit less to spoil.

    The only one I'm iffy about is GATE (I watched a bit too much of the anime to go in blind, but I'd be happy for those that want it; I think it's got some sketchy pro imperialist / pro JSDF / anti-DIET (?) stuff in it too, but I don't think it doing well here is really going to impact anything politically / platform wise).

    @harmlessdave said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    Maoyuu Maou Yuusha


    @aruseus493 said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    **Seitokai no Ichizon
    **Only Sense Online

    I'd take these. =]

    @jpwong said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    **Ascendance of a bookworm
    **Knight's & Magic

    Would read.

    When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace


    @doublemangekyo said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    **Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu
    **The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
    **Lord Marksman and Vanadis
    The Familiar of Zero
    **Rakuen Tsuihou -Expelled from Paradise

    Would read.

    **Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet ~Haruka, Kaikou no Tenchi~


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    • Alderamin on the Sky: because I loved the anime and I want to know the rest of the story. Also, I'm all for more military/war/strategy light novels (a favorite genre of mine). Complete at 14 volumes.

    • Lord Marksman and the Vanadis: copy and paste the reason I want it from above. It would have the ecchi content that'd help sell it too for those that like that. Complete at 18 volumes.

    • Seishun Buta Yarou Series: I knew I'd like this series since it's similar to the Monogatari series, which I like too. But basically, I'd take any contemporary romance series, whether rom-com or drama. Bonus points if it includes adults but at this point I'd take anything. This genre is way too underrepresented and I'd die for more. Licensed!

    • Shiki: Again, another one I want because I loved the anime. I wouldn't say I'm a huge horror fan, but there are those that draw me in because the story is just that good. Shiki is one of them. And it's a relatively short series (2 or 5 volumes), though the books are apparently long and would be difficult to translate.

    • Fate/Zero: Loved the anime, would love to read the original source material. It's also a short, complete series at 4 volumes. Gen Urobuchi is known for writing Madoka Magica and Psycho-Pass among others.

    • Kamisama no Goyounin: I loved Natsume's Book of Friends and Mushishi, so I know I'll love this calming, slice of life/touch of supernatural series where the MC travels across Japan to grant Gods' wishes.

    • Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjou, Aruiwa Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen: because I'm interested in having more romance series brought over and this would be a good one since it's combined with fantasy and war and has beautiful art on the covers. Licensed!

    • Kusuriya no Hitorigoto: I like a good mystery series too especially if it's not the typical murder mystery, and this one seems like it'd be a great relaxing, episodic one similar to Hyouka which I love. And it's set in a historical setting, which is something we're lacking over here.

    • Oishii Veranda: I desperately want more romance light novels in English and my need for a one with adult characters and does not contain any fantasy, supernatural, or sci-fi elements whatsoever. Not to mention it looks like a relaxing, slice of life series that I think would suit JNC.

    • Bokutachi no Remake (Remake Our Life!): I'd like it because it's a rom-com with adult characters, which we could always get more of. That it placed highly on Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi is a bonus.

    • Saigo no Isha wa Sakura wo Miagete Kimi wo Omou: This sounds like a very thought-provoking, poignant read. On which side would you fall if you had a terminal illness: accept your death or fight it to the very end? One of those dilemmas that falls in the gray area, with no right or wrong answer. Complete at one volume with a two volume sequel.

    • Unnamed Memory: Frog-kun on Twitter made it sound like an excellent romance-adventure series.

    In sum, I'd love more variety of genres brought over. Romance, drama, mystery, war/military, shoujo, adventure fantasy, etc. Anything other than isekai and slice of life fantasy. Btw, shout out to @DoubleMangekyo for listing 3 of my license suggestion posts, 4 counting Chaika : )

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    I added links above to mine. There's a few I was sure had a topic, but didn't find anything (the points into defense Shield Heroine one and the Laws of Physics one).

    @hyperion said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:

    **Seishun Buta Yarou Series

    Want! (Though I'm staying in the dark on it purposely).


    Want (though I did watch the anime, so that always makes me more hesitant, but I'd read it)!

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    @hyperion said in Top 10 novel licences you wish to see in 2019:


    Terror Infinity,
    Dreadful Radio
    Dungeon Defender
    Your and My Asylum
    Green Skin
    Possessing Nothing
    Goblin Kingdom

    These are all pretty edgy titles, most of the mcs in these novels are also physically weak but overcome obstacles using their wit. The rest Goblin Kingdom, Possessing nothing and terror infinity start week for entire volume but eventually get real strong not the strongest.
    Almost all of the titles have 100+ chapters fan translated

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    In no specific order, with links to the request thread if already existing:

    1. Sagrada Reset
    2. Alderamin on the Sky
    3. Bokurano - Alternative
    4. Beautiful Bones: Sakurako's Investigation
    5. Nogi Wakaba is a Hero ( link)
    6. Boogiepop volume 7+
    7. Kino no Tabi (license rescue)
    8. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens
    9. Garden of Sinners (Kara no Kyoukai)
    10. Humanity has Declined

    Guess I should actually create a request thread for Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens and NoWaYu at some point…

  • @renofury

    Are most of these Chinese novels?
    (& some are licensed)

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    Boukyaku Tantei Series
    Kamisu Reina Series

    Would love the Forgetful Detective novels and the Bakemonogatari manga. Please Vertical!
    I'd go for another Eiji Mikage series since I have/am getting Empty Box and Masquerade.


    I didn't like the ending of the anime, so I'd love to find out what happens. It's like Bones the light novel, so I'd read it.

    Altina the Sword Princess

    I've requested this from Seven Seas a couple times. Looks good. Want it for the war/strategy aspect.

    Ambition of Oda Nobuna

    Wouldn't mind reading it despite it being isekai because of its war/strategy/historical aspect.

  • Really just have one series I want licensed. Would make my year to see Highschool DxD get licensed. My hopes are pretty low though.

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